Seeing pests scurrying around your home or business is inevitable but Yellow Jacketchances are that there are many more in hiding. Many pests which invade your home can destroy your property, carry diseases, and inconvenience your lifestyle. Flies, cockroaches, fleas, ticks, rats and mice can transmit diseases to humans. Rodents, silverfish, moths, carpet beetles, crickets and ants can causes expensive destruction of your Spider on Webproperty and belongings. Spiders, fleas, wasps, and bees can inflict serious bites and stings. There is no reason for you to accept these pests in your home or business.

Whitco provides services which are safe, professional, and far superior to do-it-yourself methods. Our service staff undergoes continuous update training on the pest management solutions we utilize and on the pests we control. At Whitco we strive to provide effective pest management utilizing the quickest, safest, least toxicBeetle methods available.

Our services include "one-time" treatments and monthly or quarterly service programs. Our goal is to stop the pest before it gets into your home or business. Call the Whitco Bug Warriors to protect your "quality of life", safely.



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