Closed Crawlspace
At Whitco, our Bug Warriors also battle moisture issues because excessive moisture frequently leads to pest and other issues such as wood rot. Its important to take care of conducive conditions which lead to pest activity to stop future infestations. For many decades, building codes and conventional wisdom have prescribed ventilation with outside air as the primary method of moisture control in the crawlspaces. In the humid Southeast, however, ventilation with outside air actually only makes moisture problems worse. Research now shows that a crawlspace system, with NO vents to the outside, can provide greatly improved moisture control and significant energy savings when properly installed. If your home or business experiences excess moisture issues we can help.

Signs of moisture issues in your home are:

  • Mold or moisture damage in the crawl space or living area
  • Musty odors in the living area
  • Condensation or "sweating" on air conditioning duct work or metal equipment
  • Condensation on insulation or water pipes in the crawl space
  • Buckled hardwood floors
  • High humidity in the living area
  • Insect infestations
  • Rot in wooden framing members
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    Closed Crawlspace Photos


    Whitco Bug Warriors provides the answer to convert your musty, damp traditional vented crawlspace to a more efficient closed crawlspace. At Whitco, we are experts in reducing structural moisture to safe levels. Keeping it out can save you thousands of dollars in reducing the cost of maintenance. Call the Whitco Bug Warriors for a free inspection.


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