Adult bed_bug

Bed bugs were thought to be largely eradicated worldwide in developed countries in the early 1940s but have increased dramatically in prevalence since 1995. The exact reasons for this resurgence remains unclear but is thought to be due to greater foreign travel, use of targeted pesticide applications to control specific insect populations rather then using broad spectrum insecticides, exchange of second-hand furnishings among homes, and increased resistance by bed bugs to available pesticides.

Bed bugs have been known to be human parasites for thousands of years. Their nocturnal attributes and elusive behavior make them difficult to detect and treat. They hide in small, dark crevices and their eggs can be deposited in fabric seams. Usually the first indications of their presence is bites on occupants of the dwelling. Other signs are small blood stains and fecal spots on bedding.

It can take an extensive effort to successfully eradicate bed bugs, their treatment is not straight forward with the currently available tools. It usually takes several different approaches and requires a dedicated effort. Waiting or attempting to use home remedies to treat bed bugs is not recommened. Calling Whitco Bug Warriors as soon after first noticing them helps make the task somewhat easier by limiting their spread to additional areas. Call Whitco Bug Warriors to protect your "quality of life", safely.



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