Squeaky floors?

      Does the china cabinet rattle when someone walks through the room?

      Are doors sticking?

We have a unique solution for those tired floors which may just be in need of additional support. First we'll inspect to determine that insects, rot, or moisture are not the more serious culprits in causing the issues with the floors. These are causes that would lead to further problems later and can be alleviated by appropriate action now. If the problem is merely support, we have the remedy with the Whitco Floor Support System.

Some of the symptoms of floor and foundation problems are:


XSqueaky, Mushy Floors

XDoors That "Stick"

XCracking of Walls 

XWall Joint Separation


Whitco Floor Support System


Benefits of our floor support system (pictured above) include curing most types of floor problems, though we can't promise miracles. Floors will be firmer, and we may even save that china from chipping!

Call the Whitco Bug Warriors or e-mail us for the cure to your tired floors.




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