Pest Control Service in Franklinton

Whitco Bug Warriors has proudly served the Franklinton region for almost 50 years, earning a reputation for professionalism and effectiveness. Our pest control company’s local ownership is a testament to our commitment to this community’s well-being and our dedication to providing exceptional solutions. Rest easy with our licensed, bonded, and insured pest control services, designed to deliver unparalleled peace of mind. Our daily commitment is to provide unparalleled pest control service to each customer, utilizing the most advanced technology for long-lasting and thorough solutions.

We take your safety and our responsibility to the environment seriously, which is why we use eco-friendly methods and products to get the job done. Rest assured, our pricing is the most economical you’ll find anywhere in the Franklinton region. We’re proud to employ the most knowledgeable, trustworthy, and dependable pest control specialists to serve our Franklinton clients with excellence. Give us a call today for a free, no-obligation estimate. We’re ready to provide you with the exceptional pest control services you deserve.

Comprehensive Local Pest Control Service

Are unwanted critters causing disturbances and disruptions in your space? There’s no need to worry, because Whitco Bug Warriors is here to eradicate and manage all unwanted intruders on your property. From homes to businesses, we excel in meeting all pest control needs with environmentally friendly approaches that lessen the need for pesticides. Leveraging our profound understanding of each pest’s habits, we craft tailored and elaborate plans to effectively eradicate and discourage pests. After contacting our pest control company in Franklinton, you’ll be presented with an all-inclusive strategy to eliminate current infestations and prevent future ones. Connect with us to establish a pest-free, healthy, and safe environment.


We understand the annoyance that arises when bees interfere with your outdoor enjoyment, which is why our local pest control company is here to assist you. While we appreciate honey bees for their ecological role, carpenter bees present a distinct challenge with their drilling habits. These unwelcome visitors excel at causing structural damage and allergic sensitivities.The level of expertise required for bee control is heightened by their defensive behavior and nesting habits. We apply safe and focused techniques to address carpenter bee infestations with care. Let us protect your property and bring back a sense of peace to your environment.


Managing silverfish can be an ongoing nuisance due to their persistence. Upon infiltrating homes or businesses, they inflict damage on clothes, paper, books, and other belongings, necessitating expensive replacements and repairs. Their affinity for dampness and skill at hiding in crevices and cracks make them exceptionally difficult to detect and eradicate. Our approach combines proven moisture control techniques with targeted treatments, resulting in the complete eradication of silverfish infestations. Through a comprehensive approach, we defend your property and valuables to create a silverfish-free zone.


Cockroach infestations can cause significant distress, and your professional pest control contractor is here to help. Many people connect cockroaches with unhygienic settings, and these pests can trigger asthma attacks and allergic reactions, spread contaminants on surfaces and foodstuffs, and induce general uneasiness. Their fast multiplication and knack for finding tiny hiding spots pose a challenge for DIY eradication methods. Employing cutting-edge strategies and high-grade products like insect growth regulators and customized bait, we excel at eliminating cockroach infestations. Taking a comprehensive stance, we work tirelessly to restore your peace of mind by eradicating cockroaches from your living or working space.


Your skilled Franklinton exterminator is well-educated about wasps and their distinct ability to invade properties. Their aggressive behavior can disturb outdoor pastimes and become dangerous with their painful stings, particularly for those susceptible to allergic reactions. Dealing with wasps demands meticulousness and care because of their territorial instincts and nesting tendencies. Utilizing safe and effective methods, Whitco Bug Warriors eradicates wasp nests and prevents future invasions successfully. Contact us when you’re ready to create an inviting and secure outdoor area that brings joy to you, your customers, and/or your family.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs bring sleepless nights, discomfort, and a living nightmare to your home, creating a challenging living situation. The most effective way to put this troubling issue behind you is to call our pest control service near you for help. These blood-hungry pests often hitch rides into homes or offices through travel or pre-owned furnishings.Their existence doesn’t just interfere with sleep, but can also set off allergies. Bed bugs present a challenge in elimination due to their resilience and proficiency in hiding. Count on us for a comprehensive plan that involves detailed assessments, individualized treatments, and proactive measures to achieve full, lasting elimination. Whitco Bug Warriors guarantees a swift return to a peaceful sleep space.


Earwigs are relentless intruders in residential or commercial spaces due to their attraction to shelter and moisture. Earwigs pose a threat to gardeners because they can damage plants, fruits, and vegetables. Through the smallest cracks and crevices, they make their way into homes. They hide in damp, dark spaces, and their evasiveness makes them tough to control without help from a professional. At Whitco Bug Warriors, we utilize targeted treatments and exclusion techniques to effectively eradicate earwigs and prevent future infestations.


Fleas are an unwelcome finding for both homeowners and business operators – a fact well understood by our local pest control company in Franklinton. The small, biting insects can carry diseases and parasites, which can be harmful to both pets and humans. Fleas’ rapid reproduction and resilience present challenges in eliminating them entirely. Through the application of cutting-edge treatment methodologies like targeted applications and insect growth regulators, we effectively eliminate fleas from your environment and create a pest-free, inviting space for you, your pets, your loved ones, and/or your employees.


The warmer months see an uptick in cricket activity indoors, creating an annoyance for homeowners and business owners alike. The constant chirping they produce can become infuriating in a hurry, leading to frustration and disturbances in your daily life and sleep schedule. Crickets’ talent for hiding in dark, damp corners makes their elimination a daunting task. Our team uses specialized treatments, seals entry points, and makes habitat adjustments to tackle cricket infestations. Our attention to detail ensures the complete elimination of crickets and the restoration of your tranquil environment.


Are ants creeping into your space? Our Franklinton pest control pros are here to help. Ants demonstrate an exceptional level of persistence. They intrude indoor spaces, relentlessly search for shelter and sustenance, and prove to be quite a nuisance. Eradicating them poses a challenge due to their sophisticated colonies and resilient traits. Whitco Bug Warriors employs strategic tactics, such as precision treatments and barrier strategies, to eradicate ants and deter future infestations effectively. Say farewell to ants with our expert pest control services at your disposal!


At our Franklinton pest control service, we’re keenly attuned to the disturbances spider infestations bring to households or businesses. Spiders and their webs have the power to provoke strong fear reactions in individuals. For those with sensitivities or allergies to spider venom, spiders are a significant concern. Their ability to hide in crevices and reproduce rapidly makes them challenging to eradicate with basic methods, and certain spiders require unique pest control methods. We take a thoughtful approach that includes habitat modifications, targeted treatment methods, and periodic re-inspections to rid your environment of spiders once and for all.


The rodent damage your exterminator in Franklinton has encountered in homes and businesses is vast and varied. They have a knack for swiftly damaging property, contaminating food, and endangering health through disease and allergen dispersion. Their elusive behavior and rapid breeding abilities render them resistant to amateur extermination attempts. Whitco Bug Warriors adopts a cautious strategy, employing systematic baiting, thorough inspections, and exclusion techniques to expertly eradicate rodents and keep them at bay. Your safety and hygiene are our top priorities, and we’ll work tirelessly until your space reflects that.

Say goodbye to pests once and for all! Give Whitco Bug Warriors a call today at (252) 492-2818 to schedule your pest control service or your free quote!